The GDR MePhy supported by CNRS aims at reinforcing the interface between the communities of mechanics and physics who work on similar topics and systems that often involve physics at different scales. Often these communities use very different tools, and even very different approaches for the same problem or similar research themes. For this reason, we strongly believe that it is extremely important to put together those two communities that do not necessarily know each other since they usually come from different backgrounds. Such exchanges may lead to new combined reasoning and a more efficient approach to a given class of problems

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Forthcoming activities of the GDR

  • Mephy Day on Soft mechanical metamaterials (June 20, 2023, IPGG ESPCI, Paris)

Latest activities of the GDR 

  • Mephy Day on the Mechanics and Physics of Biological Surfaces (March 21, 2023, Cnam, Paris)
  • MePhy Day on Slender structures with friction (October 10, 2022, Cnam, Paris)

The project of the GDR

The “groupe de recherche” (GDR 5388) MePhy is a mixed group of researchers, PhD and postdoc students supported by the two CNRS institutes INSIS (Institut des sciences de l’ingénierie et des systèmes) and INP (Institut de Physique). It was created in January 2013 following a previous GDR 3166. It was renewed twice in 2017 and 2022. It is evaluated yearly by the Sections 2 and 5 of INP as well as 9 and 10 of INSIS. It is mainly hosted by INSIS. Belonging to both institutes allows it to play an inter-disciplinary role between Mechanics and Physics. A more detailed description of the GDR may be found in the linked PDF document.